Monday, January 30, 2023
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Stuck On You


You’re sucrose, you’re glucose, You’re fructose and more, From your head to your feet… Which are stuck to the floor. You’re Hershey’s, you’re Snickers, You’re sweet English Toffee. If you spit in my cup, You’ll just sweeten my coffee. I love you so much That I’m getting frenetic, But I can’t even kiss you, ’cause I’m diabetic. You're sucrose, you're …

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No roses, no candy, no darling or dear… Guess I’ll spend it alone this year. Men talk and they flirt, they wink and they sigh… but when it comes time… there’s no one to buy.. I like my candy.. my roses.. and wine. I love to snuggle, cuddle and dine.. just seems it’s something that men don’t want, guess they …

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On This Day

i love you HD wallpapers (10)

To some people February 14th is just another day. For me this is a day to take time and say… I love you. Stop, and think what we’ve been through and how much are love as grew. Yes, we fight, And I’ve lied, But never forget for you I would die. Everyday I see your beautiful, smiling face, And there …

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