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Anzac Day Quotes


ANZAC Day is where we honor the memories of those brave Aussie and NZ soldiers who fought and never came home at Gallipoli 98 years ago. I have so much respect for all the soldiers who have died fighting for my country. We will remember them. From us here at Aussie West Lakes, we pause to remember those who fought …

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Sonnet for ANZAC Day


Sound the Last Post again, lest we forget the freedom that we cherish has been bought – not found like mushrooms in the field; the debt is ours to pay, mindful of those who fought and fell – yet still they held the torch aloft! May we remain as zealous to withstand the traitors who would make our fibres soft, …

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Not a Hero

anzac day parade

The ANZAC Day march was over – the old Digger had done his best. His body ached from marching – it was time to sit and rest. He made his way to a park bench and sat with lowered head. A young boy passing saw him – approached and politely said, “Please sir do you mind if I ask you …

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The Australian


The bravest thing God ever made! (A British Officer’s Opinion) The skies that arched his land were blue, His bush-born winds were warm and sweet, And yet from earliest hours he knew The tides of victory and defeat: From fierce floods thundering at his birth, From red droughts ravening while he played, He learned no fear no foes on earth …

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A Brown Slouch Hat


There is a symbol, we love and adore it, You see it daily wherever you go. Long years have passed since our fathers once wore it, What is the symbol that we should all know? It’s a brown slouch hat with the side turned up, and it means the world to me. It’s the symbol of our Nation—the land of …

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We’re All Australians Now


Australia takes her pen in hand, To write a line to you, To let you fellows understand, How proud we are of you. From shearing shed and cattle run, From Broome to Hobsons Bay, Each native-born Australian son, Stands straighter up today. The man who used to “hump his drum”, On far-out Queensland runs, Is fighting side by side with …

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